Best Yoga Tips For Beginner – Yoga Tips For Health

Best Yoga Practice For Beginner. Yoga is not a mere practice. The Yoga gets rid of all the disorders of your body. It will remove your mental stress. It gives energy to your body. If you do yoga for 20 to 30 minutes daily. You will get rid of 60 percent of your illnesses. Let me tell you.How do yoga?

Once you learn yoga from this articles, then you can do yoga practice at home, and you will be able to teach yoga to someone. Here are some tips of yoga for you. Sure, It’ll help you.

1. Choose A Perfect Time:

Yoga practice in the early morning. But It could be late mornings, before lunch, or evenings. Yoga at these times can also be a good way to refresh the mind and release stress collected during the day.

2. Choose A Right Location:

If you do the yoga practice in an open area, then I can not tell you that how much you will feel better. But you can do yoga at home or on the roof. First, you will choose a quiet space anywhere at home, which is large enough to roll out your yoga mat.

3. During A Yoga Practice Wearing A Simple Cloth:

I will always prefer a straightforward and loose fabric. Wear comfortable clothing while going for the yoga class or when practicing yoga at home. Don’t wear thick cloth and jewelry.

4. Warm up Before Yoga Practice:

Start by warming up your body and do a few body stretches to bring flexibility, before moving on to more intense yoga

5. Challenge Your Limits – 2 Minutes at a Time:

The first day you will go to yoga as a fresher. Every step of yoga you will do in short time. Like yoga asana as Sthira Sukham Asanam yoga.

 6. Respect your yoga practices and Observe

Best Yoga Practice For Beginner:  Yoga is not just a physical exercise, it is moving towards your very nature. Practice asanas with awareness, inwardness and a feeling of honoring your body. It will bring an increased grace and beauty to your asanas. And one more thing, Observe things about your body what you are doing at a time.

7. Sun Salutation should be your first yoga practice.

Surya Namaskar is the complete body workout. It is Very effective for positivity. Only in Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation), there are 12 different yoga postures which give entire exercise to the whole body. By practicing the Sun Salutation regularly, we can become active and energetic every day.

Note- Best Yoga Practice For Beginner Post to helps develop the body and mind bringing a lot of health benefits yet is not a substitute for medicine.

Easy Yoga poses for kids which will make them healthy

He, who has health, has hopes; and when he has hope, has everything. In this modern world, all we need is good health.

There are many ways for maintaining your health like gym, sports, yoga, etc. Yoga one of the best method and most efficient way to maintaining health.

Some people thinks yoga is for old people. But the reality is Yoga is for everyone. No matter what’s your age. Yoga is the best way if you want to make your kids healthy.

Yoga will help your children mentally as well as physically. Physical health is only possible if your mind is healthy otherwise all your efforts will be wasted if you don’t have good mental health.

There may be some awkward Yoga poses, but that doesn’t mean kids can’t do yoga. There is much easy yoga poses for kids as well. You can teach your Yoga for kids from these poses.

Easy Yoga poses for kids who are as follows.


1. Happy Baby pose- In this pose, ask your children to gently rock side to side. It will help in stretching inner groins and spine.

2. Upward facing dog pose. This pose will assist in pulling your kid’s spinal cord and will make it healthy. This pose will help in relieving stress away from kids.

3.The Butterfly. Very straightforward and exciting yoga pose that will assist in strengthening child’s hips and ankles. Ask your child to sit on the ground and hold your toes are joining each other, with hands and move your knees up and down.


4. Snake pose. Is also a fascinating pose that will help in making your spine stable and assist in stretching shoulders. This yoga pose for the kid will improve their breathing. This pose will strengthen child’s arms as well.


5. Tree Pose. If you want to improve concentration and balance of your baby, then this pose is idle for this purpose. This pose will fortify their legs, calves, and ankles.


6. Meditation. Is also a form of yoga where your stressed mind can come to rest. Meditation will help kids in getting relief from stress and assist in relaxing their body.

Meditation will improve the focus of your child, and this emphasis can prove quite useful in studies or sports.

There are lots of Easy Yoga poses for kids who can show in making your child healthy mentally as well as physically.

There are lots of benefits to the children who practice yoga.

  1. Stress is the biggest problem of today’s modern world. Kids also face this problem but not that much. But minor stress can affect your health. This easy Yoga poses for kids will help in getting rid of this weight.
  2. Anxiety- This is a very competitive world, and life is like race. Everyone wants excellence, and this hunger for excellence can lead to anxiety and these further results into stress. Easy Yoga poses for kids can help in tackling this situation.
  3. Focus- Focus is all we need in this modern world. Children also need to be a focus in their study or sports. Kids have a very curious mind, and it looks almost impossible to focus a child’s mind. Easy Yoga poses for kids can help in making children focus.

Easy Yoga poses for kids is like panacea which will assist in developing your children mentally as well as physically.

12 Most Useful Yoga Poses Of Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar is considered to be a complete body workout. Steps involved in it relieves stiffness and brush up the mind. To the body, it can do something that months of dieting cannot do to it.

Experts say if done in right way 12 sets of Surya Namaskar with picture converts into 288 great yoga asanas in a span of about 15 minutes. Following are the 12 magic steps of Surya Namaskar with picture(or Sun Salutation )for beginners-

Surya Namaskar with picture: Watch The Videos

 Pranamasana (Prayer pose)

You need to stand straight on your feet equally balanced on both of them. Breathe in, expanding your chest and relaxing your shoulders. Lift your arms from sides so as to join your palms together, in front of a chest.

Hastauttanasana (Raised arms pose)


Breathe in and lift the arms up, keeping biceps closest possible to ears and take them at the back, the more the best. It Is a stretching posture. Try to stretch the whole body- from toe to tip.

Hasta Padasana (Hand to foot pose)


Breathe out and keep your spine erect. Bend your waist in the forward direction so that you can touch the floor, or at least your feet. Try to hold that position for a while.

Ashwa Sanchalanasana (Equestrian pose)


Breathe in and Push your right leg back, and touch the right knee to the floor and look up to the sun. Keep the left foot exactly in between the two hands.

Dandasana (Stick pose)


Breathe in. Get your body in a straight line by taking the left leg back to the right foot and keep the arms at a 90-degree angle with the floor.

Ashtanga Namaskara (Salute with eight parts or points)

Breathe out and bring the knees to ground, get the hips back and rest the chin and chest on the ground. And then raise a little Touch both your hands, knees, feet along with chest and chin to floor

Bhujangasana (Cobra pose)


Inhale oxygen and Get up from the upper body and look up by stretching your body by spine, shoulders, and neck. Keep your shoulders away from the ear and tuck the toes down.

Parvatasana (Mountain pose)


Breathe out and Raise the body from hips and tail bone, keep the chest down making an inverted V posture. Keep your heels on floor and Stretch your body up from tailbone

Ashwa Sanchalanasana (Equestrian pose)

Breathe in Getting the right foot forward, and touch left knee to the floor while pressing the hips down. Look up like step 4. Make sure to keep right foot between two palms and try to push the hips towards the floor gently.

Hasta Padasana (Hand to foot pose)

Breathe out. Keep both the palms on the floor bringing the left foot forward and gently stretch your knees to straighten them.

Hastauttanasana (Raised arms pose)

Breathe in and take your arms up and do a little backwards time with them while pushing your hips outwards. Keep the stretching more vertical than horizontal.


Exhale and get the body in a straight posture, bring the arms down. Relax and observe the sense experience in your body and mind.

Note: – Surya Namaskar with Picture will help you In Yoga. Follow All the Step And Read About Surya Namaskar In The Details.

Yoga For Back Pain- How To Get Relieved From Back Pain?

Back Pain is a very common problem that most of us face daily. It’s all due to our bad habits. According to various surveys conducted nine out of ten people are suffering from this problem.  So it might be the most common health issue that people are facing in today’s world.

Causes There may be many causes for the back pain.

  • It may be your laziness.
  • Bad sitting posture
  • You might be careless while pulling or pushing or lifting any weight.
  • If your weight is crossing all limits than there are many chances of Back pain.
  • Smokers usually face back pain problem.
  • During pregnancy and Post-delivery there may be chances of back pain.
  • Other reasons are like accidents or serious disease like cancer.
  • Other causes are muscle inflammation or ligament problem.

Back pain can be Acute or sub-acute or chronic. Sharp mean pain can be felt for a short period up to 12 weeks. Subacute can last up to 6 to 12 weeks. If the duration of the back pain is more than 12 weeks than it is chronic.

How the back pain affects us:

Effect on daily life. These days life is very fast and busy. People somehow manage to match the speed of this modern world. Life has become a race, and you have to always in top gear if you want to compete in this world. Back pain can put you on halt.

  • Your concentration power will become weak.
  • You will not be able to sit or stand for long hours.
  • You will face other health issues like being lazy, over weightiness introvert.
  • If you can’t compete due to back pain that might prove to be quite demotivating.
  • You might end up in sleepless night consuming painkillers.
  • You might have ended up in giving up your favorite hobbies or a game like a football, hockey, and cricket.

Cure: There may be many ways to heal Back pain like surgery, massage, various therapies and much more. These all types of Cure can put the significant load on your bank accounts as they are quite expensive. There is one more treatment for this problem, and that is YOGA.

Yoga for Back Pain might be the best cure for this problem. There are various postures in Yoga for Back Pain

The Yoga can help in getting out of this problem physically as well as mentally. It will first help you in getting rid of pain mentally, and then it will start healing you physically. Yoga for back pain is all about you have to choose over this problem and nothing else.

Various Yoga poses for back Pain is as follows:

  • Cow/Cat pose
  • Eagle pose
  • Plow pose
  • Bridge pose
  • Camel pose
  • Triangle pose
  • Locust pose
  • Mountain pose


These all poses of Yoga for back pain will solve this problem. The benefit of choosing yoga over other cure is it will improve your mental as well as physical health. You can do all these postures of Yoga for back pain anywhere like in your home or office or café or garden whichever place suits you. So try these Postures of Yoga for back pain problem and stay fit.

Yoga Poses For Beginners- A Introduction To Basic Yoga Poses

Everybody needs a break from a hectic lifestyle and search for something that is beneficial to both- body and mind. Yoga practice is the perfect way to achieve this goal.

However, if you are the person who has never done yoga before, then it can be a little hard for you to from where to start.

Beginners come across a lot of problems while performing asana as ‘what should be the difficulty level?’ or ‘which asana is meant for what specific purpose?’

Also, a lot of people feel uncomfortable doing yoga in their initial stage. Yoga poses for beginners is very easy. if you watch the videos and follow all the instruction with the help of a picture.

To tackle that problem and to overcome you from that state of confusion, here we list down some yoga asana, for beginners so they can start getting fit with great ease and confidence.

Yoga Poses For Beginners: Watch The Videos

After Watch this Videos and Read The Articles. You don’t think I’m a beginner and I will not do it. Just Be Relax and Avoid the bad things. Yoga Poses For Beginners Articles For You Buddy.

 Adho mukha svanasana  (Downward Facing Dog)


If you suffer from sore muscles at thighs, calves and heels, you should definitely start with this asana. It increases blood circulation in the entire body and can be performed as light cardiovascular exercise.

Get on all your four limbs. Maintain a comfortable distance between both your palms and feet respectively. Curl your toes under and stretch your hips so as to make an inverted ‘V’ with your body while keeping your knees slightly bent.

Urdhva mukha svanasana (Upward Facing Dog)


If done correctly and religiously, this yoga asanas stretch and strengthen your spine, arms and wrists. Also, it is advised to perform this then morning while facing the rising sun to get the best results.

Get horizontal on the floor, while keeping your thumbs in a straight line with shoulders. Balance all your lower body’s weight on toes as you lie down and tuck the hips downwards.

Squeeze your glutes, push the shoulders downwards and lift your chest off the ground. Look upwards, relax and repeat.

Ardha Matsyendra Asana (Seated Twist)

This asana is a fitness trick for people with desk jobs and long working hours. It works amazingly on shoulders, hips and neck and gives you gentle, yet effective stretch to let go all the stress and tension from the body.

Sit on the ground while extending your legs. Make sure you have both sides of your butts are on the floor. Cross the right foot over your left thigh.

Keep your right knee pointed upwards and bend your left knee while doing the same. Place the right hand on the ground and take your left elbow to the outside of your right knee. Twist towards the right- the more, the better. Do the same on opposite side too.

Mountain Pose (Tadasana)


Tadasana is something very basic for standing poses but requires great concentration and dedication to achieve fitness goals. It is a solid breathing exercise and it improves posture and makes you feel the ground with mental clarity.

Stand straight with equal weight on both of your feet with arms at your side. Spread the toes and press them against the floor.

Breathe deeply into the torso at even peace and try to meditate with all the concentration on your body. Stretch your abdominals up as you lift your chest while pressing the tops of the shoulders down.

Sure, Yoga Poses For Beginners, articles will help you when you will do the first time yoga in the morning.

Benefits of Surya Namaskar Yoga In The Morning

Surya Namaskar or sun salutation is a set of 12 yoga asana, performed in front of rising sun as a gesture of bowing down to it. The Sun’s rays are the primary part of everything we intake from nature.

It is a process of harnessing solar energy so as to create a system within where our physical postures get in sync with Sun’s cycles, which takes twelve-and-a-quarter years to complete.

Surya Namaskar, if done at a faster pace, proves to be an incredible cardiovascular workout. However, it is equally beneficial if done slowly- helping the muscles to tone and meditate and relax one’s body.

Regular practice of Surya Namaskar results in better functioning of the whole body- particularly the heart, legs, and stomach.


Ideally, Surya Namaskar is meant for early morning, facing the rising Sun in any open space with the calm environment and relaxed mind.

During the morning, this set of asanas helps you revitalize and refresh your body and mind respectively. Also, Surya Namaskar helps you unwind if done in the evening. But, mostly people in India prefer to perform it in the morning time.

How is Surya Namaskar going to help you?

It helps you lose belly fat– If done correctly, with expert’s supervision; Surya Namaskar do stretch your abdominal muscles and hence, improves your metabolism and shed off some extra pounds from the belly area.

Enhances the functioning of central-nervous-system – it is one of the most-preferred exercises by physiotherapists as it stimulates the nervous system- the brain and spinal cord. It is a slow process but surely works for forgetfulness, partial failure of body parts or other mental disorders.

Boon for pregnant women- Surya-Namaskar is the go-to exercise for pregnant women as it is not very intensive. It also helps them to avoid morning sickness, bad taste, lost appetite, etc. In addition to that, it increases the quality and quantity of milk in mothers who breastfeed their kids.

Surya Namaskar Is Not For Someone. It helps to Everyone

Contributes to detoxify body and mind- Doing Surya Namaskar helps you to detox your body by ensuring the active circulation of blood in blood. As a result, it gives you a healthy skin with a glow and fewer breakouts. Also, one could not get more of it for the relaxation of mind and soul.

Gives you a sound sleep– If you are suffering from insomnia, then Surya- Namaskar is the perfect remedy for you. It healthily sets your sleeping patterns ensuring that you have a calm mind and good 7hours sleep and one can avoid his/her drug intake by doing these asanas.

A pro-exercise for joints and muscles– The asanas in Surya Namaskar offers the perfect recipe to stretch muscles and strengthen joints and ligaments. They help you to gain flexibility in your body as while performing Surya Namaskar, our limbs get symmetrical, hence improving the functioning of our internal organs.

Controls Blood Pressure and Sugar levels- People suffering from problems like high Blood Pressure or Diabetes rely on Surya Namaskar, as postures and movements involved in it aid in getting your sugar levels down and curing heart diseases, along with medicines.

Yoga Asana For Pregnant Women: Follow The Steps During Pregnancy

Yoga Asana For Pregnant Women, During pregnancy, being physically active is mandatory. Staying active brings great results while you are dealing with random mood swings, fatigue and sickness, painful cramps and what not.

At this time, the right amount of exercise- particularly yoga ensures relaxation and fitness of body along would-be mothers.

Regular practice of yoga makes your body more toned and flexible and also makes your labor easy and normal. Parental yoga can lead to gradual benefits for women with complexities during their pregnancy journey.

In addition to that, regular exercise results in the secretion of happy hormones, the ‘endorphins’ which helps to keep the mother energetic and active. First trimester is the most crucial among all three.

That’s why it is recommended to take your doctor’s advice before starting yoga during pregnancy if you are not already into it. After Reading to This Articles Yoga Asana For Pregnant Women, Please Be Sure that You will do it or not.

Yoga Asana For Pregnant Women: Watch This Videos

Yoga Asana For Pregnant Women, As basic yoga asana does not come under intense workout, pregnant women can easily do them in the home itself.

However, to know the right posture is the key to fruitfully doing yoga. So, we are giving you a comprehensive collection of 3 yoga asana, for pregnant women.

VAKRASNA (Twisted Pose)


It is the exercise for spine, legs, hands, and neck; along with gentle massage to abdominal organs.

INHALE: Sit down and make a 90-degree angle with your back and legs. Keep your feet parallel and raise the arms up to shoulder level, keeping your palms ground-facing.

EXHALE: Twist the body from your waist towards your left, while moving hands and head to the same side. Try not to bend your knees.

INHALE: Get back to the original position, bringing your hands to shoulder level, in parallel position and repeat the same for the right side.



This exercise helps you to strengthen and stretch your thigh and pelvis muscles. Stand straight and keep your feet parallel to each other with approx. A 10 inches gap in between them.

INHALE: Raise your heels a little and get your arms at shoulder level, parallel to each other with palms facing down.

EXHALE: Get your body in a short pose, bend your knees and try to get your body’s weight on your toes. In case, you are not able to do so, do it normally with flat feet.

INHALE: Slowly, get up on your toes (or feet) and hold the same position for hands.

EXHALE: Relax yourself by getting hands and heels down simultaneously.

AGNISTAMBHASANA (Ankle-to-Knee Pose)


This asana is a boon for those women who suffer with deadly back pains and tight hips. It opens up your back and relieves tension from your glutes and muscles under it.

CONTINOUS BREATHING AT NORMAL PACE: Sit down on the floor with your knees bent, and shoulder relaxed.

Slightly bring your right foot under left knee, while your right knee rests on the floor. Do not push yourself too much into it, let this asana be gentle on your body.

Slightly get your left feet on right knee. So that the so left foot rests on right knee and left knee rests on the right foot.Either hold a prayer position by joining palms at chest level or, get into ‘anjali mudra by keeping hands on left knee and foot.

Thank You, This Articles Yoga Asana for pregnant women is dedicated to all pregnant Women.

Yoga For Weight Loss- Best Yoga Asanas – Yoga Tips For Health

Everyone in today’s busy world wants to be fit. Today’s world is quite busy, and people hardly get time for their health.

Many serious diseases like Diabetes, Heart diseases, Blood pressure and much more. The primary cause of all these dangerous diseases is over weightiness.

When it comes to losing weight, then it is not a cup of tea for everyone. The first method we all think is working hard in the gym or Dieting which is quite difficult.

Then there is Yoga. People think Yoga will not burn as many calories as a gym can but it is a misconception.

A gym will help you only physical, but Yoga can do much more than you think. Yoga can help you in concentrating your mind and keep your mind in control.

Now many of you thought how controlling your mind can assist you with weight losing. Yoga for weight loss, It is a sufficient for everyone.

Inner Health is the one who is going to improve first. If you are fit from an inside, then you will be automatically adjusted from outside.

Yoga will help you keep your mind controlled and concentrated. If your mind is controlled, then your daily routine and habits will change.

Many good practices like an early morning wake up, overeating, good sleep and much more are going to be the part of your daily routine.

If your mind is controlled, then your mind will understand what things and habits are beneficial to your health and soul.

Yoga For Weight Loss- It’s not an illusion.

If you will start sweating in the gym. It also requires a lot of patience and strict diet plan. In a gym, you might be enthusiastic about a gym, but after 1 or 2 weeks it will be tough for most of the people as either they get tired or they just fed up.

Another method of weight loss is dieting. Dieting is also one of the most challenging ways as you might end up with other body issues.

You have to follow the strict diet plan and control your diet forcefully, and it sounds easy, but in reality, it might prove hazardous to your body. You will not get anything but might lose a lot of your health.

Also, Read- International Yoga Day

Yoga itself is a complete package to maintain your body as well as the soul. There are many postures in the yoga which can stretch your body and help in burning fat and calories from your body.

Many postures like Sun Salutation, Bow pose, Triangle pose, Mountain pose and much more that can consume the enormous amount of calories. Yoga will also keep your mind focus and avoid distractions.

Yoga For Weight Loss- Keep yourself healthy.

When your mind is healthy your mind will easily differentiate what is good for your health and what is bad for your body.

If you practice yoga than many other problems than over weightiness will also get cured itself like insomnia, overeating, laziness. Sure, Yoga can prove a real deal for you. Yoga for weight loss, It’s possible nowadays.

Yoga can help you in maintaining the perfect balance between your mental health and physical health. It will improve you spiritually as well.

You will feel the inner peace that will further lead you to healthy mind and soul. If you are mentally right, then you will be physically safe.

Yoga will help you in building the positive attitude, and with the positive attitude, you can conquer the world.  If you are a beginner, then you can Learn here